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Nyx.work is an interactive sourcing and recruiting platform connecting international business with suitable specialists for the OIL & GAS, POWER, SHIPBUILDING and INFRASTRUCTURE industries.

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How the platform works

Your bridge to employment: CANDIDATE

  • Create and customize your profile and express your employment preferences.
  • Allow us to identify projects of interest based on your experience, desired salary and location.
  • Match your interests with preferred projects and respond to notification.
  • Use the platform to highlight your availability and secure your assignments.
  • Interact directly with resource managers and receive competitive offers.

Your account and access to all platform resources is free of charge.

Your link to our skills base: BUSINESS

  • Create business profile, publish and organize projects and recruitment needs
  • Search and select relevant candidates for your requirements/offers.
  • Notify selected candidates and probe their interest and availability.
  • Build your very own favorite professionals database and secure talents for future projects.
  • Use your NYX credits to connect precisely with most qualified available candidates.

Registration and access is free of charge. Pay only on results using NYX CREDITS.


Narrow your search to best match with NYX.WORK

Our aim is to:

Reduce recruitment time to only a few days

Decrease the recruitment financial outlay

Match contractors and project needs

Enable efficient manpower planning

Encourage continuation of employment

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The Platform

Nyx.work is a unique online service, bonding the needs of employers and job seekers.

What we offer:

    With full access to a specific database of pre-screened specialists And structured, distinct profiling and matching criteria
    With real-time estimates of projects and contractors schedule
    With rapid and direct interaction between employer and contractor
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About Us


About Us

Nyx.work is a modern online portal allowing businesses and contractors to find the perfect match with the minimum of effort.

In recruitment, the identification and validation of candidates is the most time consuming. Our database of pre-screened candidates reduces the process from months to only few days.

We’re based in Bucharest and are quickly expanding our database of qualified, pre-screened professionals mainly from Eastern Europe and Balkan Peninsula.

Our aim is to enable business to complete or diversify their teams using a much smaller recruitment budget. This will enable firms to tackle modern project challenges without compromise.

While applicants will be emboldened to explore a broader range of job opportunities and quickly adapt to the rapid changes of the market.